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Welcome to my blog "Woodland Wanderings" an ecclectic mix of the herbal musings and mixed media art adventures of a self-proclaimed "Woodland Wanderer!" I've always had an interest in natural healing. My interest and facination with herbs stems back from childhood and is still progressing! It has led me to creating my own natural herbals, and to study the art of handmade soapmaking. I hold a BA in psychology, and have a full time career outside of my small business. I'm also studying reiki, and yoga. I'm a mother to one beautiful teenager who I'm proud to say can sometimes be found by my side when I'm off on another one of my woodland wanderings. Thanks for visiting!


i love herbal things, magic & whimsy. i'm a mother, a woman who won't grow up. welcome to my woodland… the path is long and overgrown, and awaits your journey!